Journeyman Refinish Tech: Full time employment only, Five  years experience needed and must be 21 year of age or older.

Appearance and Attitude: All Employee's must present them selves in a clean cut fashion with proper hygiene.  No loose or baggy clothing may be worn (for safety purposes). Must be polite and get along well with other people (customers, supervisors and fellow employees.) Must be self motivated and take pride in the work they are doing. Willing to learn from and or teach fellow employees. Must be trustworthy, loyal, respectful and courteous.

Experience Needed: Minimum Five  years verifiable experience, Educated in proper parts identification, replacement, and or repair and refinish procedures with ICAR Icar.gif (1986 bytes), ASEase.gif (3734 bytes)or any other recognize technological training program.

Job Description Summery:  Remove and install necessary hardware for refinish , mask to prevent overspray damage, mix paint, sealer and primer (basic computer skills in computerlogic and mitchell estimating), minor to major body refinish repair,  (Full set of hand tools and spray equipment that meet or exceed Industrial standards), refinish problem solving color matching diagnostics, overall refinishing to spot repair and blending, striping and graphics, work area clean-up, delegate authority, coordinate refinishing repair to ensure high quality, and on schedule collision repairs.

 Salaries:  $18.00 up to $21.00 per hr. depending on experience and a 90 day evaluation period.